26 ago. 2013

DIY necklace!

Good morning!
The other day i was looking for a necklace, i wanted it BIG and with colors that match with everything, and i saw on eBay this necklace that i will show you next and i realized that is so easy to do it. You just need to buy some silver drops, a few ribbons to tie it around your neck and a hard base to paste the drops and make the necklace.


Hi girls, i wanted to share with you a Blog that i just found!! i am really exited because we not only find inspiration on other people, i dont know if you are a "fan" of draws but i can tell you that when we talk about fashion, everything is possible so THIS blog is from the Fashion Illustrator INSLEE HAYNES!
So here are a few pictures from her blog:


Hi girls! i know that summer is already ending but is just that in Mexico the Sun is always shining and bringing us warm weather, so we can go to the beach more than in other places almost on every season! well at least for us because we are people from hot weather.
So this post is to show you a few bikinis that i found on Internet and on a few online stores, so take a look and tell me what do you think of them!

Summer Vacations!

This post is to show you a bit of my summer vacations! i really enjoyed them, and i think i deserve it because i've been working a lot, i know i didn't post anything on a while because was really busy but i hope you all had a great vacations.